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Increasing Website Conversion with UX Design Strategy


Conversion rates are strongly related to a user's experience on your website. How so? If your user experience is good, customers will come back and tell their friends about it. It increases engagement. Increased engagement will then result in more conversions. It is one of the tasks and functions of a UX designer to ensure that a website or an app can be used properly and smoothly.

You can improve the user experience on a website in several ways. Here are some excellent strategies for a better conversion rate, regardless of how old or new your website is.

1. Less interruption

Go over your pages and remove everything redundant or distracting from your call to action. The conversion rate will increase if you keep things basic and uncluttered. Every page needs to exist for a reason a page for each product, contact, etc. A page shouldn't contain too much content, or the user may miss your call to action. Additionally, by avoiding overcrowding your pages with material, a customer's focus can be drawn to the page's most important components. It also gives the impression of clarity.

2. Outstanding homepage

The majority of users enter your website through this page. If it is straightforward and does not contain a ton of data, it will provide the best UX. Anything essential on the page must be visible above the border. Remember to add your logo and link the other pages to the homepage. Large paragraphs of text intimidate users. Therefore, put some effort into making the website simple to read. Use bullet points and subheadings to split your material into shorter sections and paragraphs.

3. Fast loading

Reduce the load time to three to four seconds, or you risk losing people who become bored and skip away. Keep in mind that they won't return if they depart. According to one study, merely two seconds might result in losing up to 87% of users. So that a user may prepare themselves for what will be arriving while they wait, you can consider designing the page to load in parts. By doing so, they won't get impatient and leave the page. Even so, keeping the load time under four seconds is crucial.

4. Clear goal

Be specific about the services you provide the client. Your website should focus on this as its core idea. What is the motto, mission, or slogan of your company? This is the highlight on the website in the first place.

5. Responsive

Your website must be able to interact with the wide range of devices that people use to access the internet. Please test it out on various devices to determine how user-friendly the site is! Thanks to metadata, it is also possible to customize the user experience according to the user's perceived age to make it easier for you to communicate with people of different ages.

6. Consistence

Your branding will mostly depend on the consistency of the type, color, graphics, etc. Make sure to maintain the character of these critical components on every page.

7. Visual

Images and videos can significantly engage users. To give customers a better picture of what you have to offer, think about creating a video that explores a specific product in-depth. Additionally, customer testimonials could be a good addition since they lend legitimacy to your business.

8. Solid call to action

Include design components that communicate to the customer the desired course of action. Use words like "purchase now" or "shop" to make it plain to the customer what will happen if they click rather than ambiguous terms like "next" or "continue." It may entail making the language encouraging the call to action pronounced and using colors that stand out from the page's background.

9. Adopt a bot

You are more likely to make sales if you engage a user with a bot or artificial intelligence that initiates a dialogue with the user. As the bot can always be ready to engage a new user regardless of what time of day they visit your site, this is a fantastic approach to increase sales 24 hours a day with no effort.

10. Searchable

If users can't find what they're looking for on your website quickly, they'll get annoyed and leave, probably going to one of your competitors' pages. Add a search feature to solve this issue. You might also wish to include a filtering option so that users can focus their search and find the right products. Contact information Make sure your contact page has your business name, address, phone number, and email address.

11. Additional Value

Now is the time to provide the client with something of value without expecting anything in return. Think about giving a promo code or free shipping, for instance. By doing this, you can be sure that customers will think you appreciate their business and provide them with a pleasant experience.

The UX on your website can be enhanced in various ways to increase your chances of having higher conversion rates by improving the overall appearance and user interaction on your website.

Even though creativity in website design is crucial, your website is not doing its job if it does not lead to conversions.