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How to Get Customers Back


Customers Only Come Once. Here’s a Way How to Get Customers Back

How many of us work hard to get a customer, then finally succeed in getting that customer to buy in your business?


He only made one transaction and didn't come back again?

With hot competition in every industry, businesses are being pushed to promise heaven to secure an order, particularly that first order. Right?

Under Promise Over Deliver

It is a business strategy where we set low standards, then deliver something beyond them or more than what we promised.

For example, when your customer orders an aesthetic notebook, you add a nice pencil. Your customer, of course, would be happy since they get more than what is paid.

However, there are still many pros and cons to this term. Someone said, "If you add value to your services or products, do your customers really need them?" or "Can you keep your business income by always adding something else?". But not a few opinions that give a positive value to this.

When customers buy a product, they will expect to get the seller's attention, at least asking if there are any difficulties or input.

Another scenario from Zappos, the largest online company in the world that sells shoes with sales of 900 billion, has implemented this philosophy. Their website states that delivery will take place within 4-5 days, but most customers will get their shoes within one day. It then increases each customer's trust and, of course, impacts the value of their sales.

You have to be able to imagine what buyers expect from your product.

Instead of overpromising everything, set a realistic time or budget plus the EXTRA to add to your products for the clients. With this, you don't need to sacrifice your business income to make your customers stay.

By giving EXTRA like what Zappos has been doing, buyers will feel they have no other reason to be disloyal to you.

Many business owners say that their team often did the opposite! Over Promise, Under Deliver! Instead of making your customer happy with your promises, they will only leave you in the end.

To be sure, quality is vital. Absolute response time and a reasonable price are also important. However, keeping your word is far and away at the top of most lists

Do Under Promise and Over Deliver

With uncertainty on the rise of your business, do "under promise, over deliver."

You will not only keep your customer happy but also keep your customers with you.

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