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Top 3 SEO Updates July 2023 to Increase Search Ranking

three seo update in july 2023

We published an article about the basics of SEO and the determinants of success in optimization and discussed advanced SEO technical. In the discussion, it is crucial to apply the rules according to the documentation on the search console so that the expected results are maximum, even though Google or other search engines do not guarantee that a website will be in the top search after optimization.

To reopen the memory, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a continuous process to organically get search rankings on Search Engines based on targeted keywords. Organic search results are search results that are not paid for by advertisers but are ranked by search engines based on their relevance and quality to increase website traffic from organic search, as well as user experience and website usability.

If we look at Youtube Short John Mueller, an SEO practitioner from Google, there are 3 SEO updates published in July 2023 as a basis for a website to get a ranking from Google's system.

Three SEO Updated in July 2023

1. Core Web Vitals

It is explained to immediately improve websites with low or below-average scores because it will affect the time it takes to appear to users. Based on the Core Web Vitals study results, a better website can increase user engagement and business metrics.

The Core Web Vitals report shows URL performance grouped by status (Poor, Needs improvement, Good), metric type (CLS, FID, INP, and LCP), and URL group (group of similar web pages).

2. Google Search Console

The data presented in the search console does not require sync with Google Analytics because Analytics and search console have different functions. Search Console is a tool and reports to help you measure your site's traffic and search performance, fix problems, and make your site shine in Google Search results. From Search Console data, you can find out about search queries that are often searched for and how many websites get impressions, clicks, and rankings.

3. Google Search Labs

The development of AI, which is very message and phenomenal, makes IT companies compete to develop AI into an application that can be used as tools or tools that facilitate human activities. Google Search Labs comes with the main product around AI. The product is currently only present in a few countries as an initial test before publication and can be accessed from various countries.

Those are the important things that happened in July in connection with the SEO updates made by Google. It's essential to comprehend and apply strategies for achieving optimal results through organic visibility and clicks.