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AI Integration that Unlocks Your Business Full Potential

An AI API integration service is a service that helps businesses integrate AI functionality into their existing systems and applications. Such a service typically provides access to pre-trained AI models via an API, which can be easily integrated into an existing system or application.


Solutions in AI Integration

You might need some solutions here if you need intelligent support that improves performance over time by learning from the data.

Google Cloud Natural Language API

Allows for sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and syntax analysis of unstructured text data.

Cloud Translation API by Google

We integrate machine translation capabilities into applications to support Real-time Translation, Translation Model customization, and Batch Translation for over 100 languages.

Midjourney AI

We integrate this conversational AI platform to provide you with customer engagement support with multilingual chatbots, voice-enabled chatbot support, and analytics.

Cloud Vision API by Google

We link this powerful image analytics to provide your software with object detection, image labeling, optical character recognition (OCR), explicit content detection, and face detection abilities.

Amazon Rekognition

We integrate this Amazon cloud-based image analytics to help your machine learning to recognize visual content in images and videos such as content moderation, text detection, and object & scene detection.

How it works

Integrating any AI API to any platform:

Step 1

Identify the problems

Identify the specific task or problem you want to solve with AI.

Step 2

Research API

Research and select an appropriate AI API or service that can handle the task.

Step 3

Register API

Register for an API key or access credentials for the service.

Step 4

Test API

Test the API using sample inputs and evaluate the results.

Step 5

Integrate API

Integrate the API into your application or system using the provided documentation or SDKs.

Step 6

Test Integration

Test the integration and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 7

Deploy the application

Ensure smooth deployment by observing the performance to detect and resolve any issues.

Step 8


Continuously monitor and update the integration as needed.

Technology behind

To maintain and improve products quality, selecting the right tools is highly crucial for us.

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