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Watered Body Care is a skincare company based in the US. The products of Watered Body Care are especially crafted for people with deeper skin tones to nourish the skin better. They also ensure that all the products are premium spa-grade products to be enjoyed at home. Watered Body Care is designed to address the skincare problems of deeper skin tones and aims to assist them with their product.

Web Design

Our web designer's objective for this project is to make a website with an excellent user experience without neglecting the importance of an alluring skincare website. Additionally, this website is also an e-commerce platform which means certain buttons must be prominent for the users to entice them to purchase a product. Taking all of this into consideration, we began by layouting the website and mapping out the user experience, along with the best color scheme, typography, and pictures. All of these are carefully done to make sure the website is decent and users are comfortable when visiting the website. To achieve this, our web designer utilized figma, the popular tool which is used to do the website design.

Web Development

After receiving approval from the client regarding the website design, our website developers began crafting the website's programming from scratch. Alongside the desired website functionality, a swift responsive design and great user experience are our main priorities during the development process. For the front-end, we utilized the Vue framework and Tailwindcss. For the back-end, we relied on the open-source Node.js Headless CMS.

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Watered Body Care

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