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Surya Bintang Adventure is a local professional tour operator who focused in giving the best adventure experience for local and international tourists in Bali who seeks for amazing activities. They are established in 2018 and provide several adventure services such as rafting, ATV rides, cycling, and many more.

Web Design

Our web designer is focusing on the adventurous look while still maintaining the easy user experience for the website visitors. We began by layouting the website, choosing the color scheme, the typography, background pictures, and the website design to make sure everything is neat and in place so the user would be comfortable when hovering around the website. To achieve this, our web designer utilized figma, the popular tool which is used to do the website design.

Web Development

Once the website design is approved by the client, our web developer can start doing the website programming code from scratch. Responsive design and user satisfaction is our main priority while doing the website development. For the front-end, we use the Vue framework and Tailwindcss. For the back-end, we rely on the open-source Node.js Headless CMS.

Surya Bintang Adventure
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Surya Bintang Adventure

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