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Simply Stunning Spaces was founded by Darcy Kempton, one of San Diego's well-known designers. Our main motivation is our genuine desire to help people create comfortable living spaces with our creativity and design expertise. Our goal is to provide excellent ideas and maximize the functionality of each room.

Web Design

Our web designer has given our website a fresh look with a new layout. We began by carefully selecting the typography, color scheme, and design of each web element to make it more interactive and user-friendly. To accomplish this, we utilized Figma, which is one of the most popular tools used for web and app design.

Web Development

Our web developer start by creating the website programming code based on the approved web design. We always prioritize responsive design and ensure visitor satisfaction. For the front-end, we use the Vue framework and Tailwindcss. For the back-end, we rely on the open-source Node.js Headless CMS.

Simply Stunning Spaces
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Simply Stunning Spaces

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