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We are data-driven - creative-minded people that bring solutions and perfect results to your business.

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The Leading Digital
Innovation Agency
For Your Business

Every business is an ambitious business with goals and purposes. We are here to be the perfect solution for you. We provide and adapt digital innovation strategies to bring you on top of your goal. Our ambition is to give the ambitious business an edge on the competitive world.


Growth Mindset Is Our #1 Rule

Willing to Learn is our number one rule. We provide training and mentoring for each of our team members to be able to stay on top. We stay energetic and show positivity

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We Care

We aim for customer satisfaction, by showing our capability and expertise. We are very disciplined with our schedule and we Get Work Done. Giving the Best to customers and to each other is the key. Be Helpful, taking care of who we are in charge of.

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We Stay Connected

We always stay connected with you. Having strong communication skills. We don't do gossip, no issue or problem is left unsolved. we don't do assumptions, we ask and we try to understand each other.

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We are Creative Problem Solver

Think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. There is a lot of room to be creative here. Be Creative, Be Tasteful and Be Proud of our result.

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Aiming To Be Excellent

We follow strong ethical and excellent moral principles at all times, no matter who's watching. We work together hand in hand and help each other as a team. Aiming for leadership quality, everyone here leads themselves to give the best to everyone.

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We able to adapt well in the face of adversity and changes. We are always aware of trends and latest updates in the market. We evaluate and improve your business strategy to match with the current situations.

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We Walk Your Extra Mile

We make a special effort to achieve the goal. We do our work wholeheartedly.


We Speak Your Language

We research, analyze and understand your business and brand. We communicate your brand to your audience.


We Care

We are always open for discussion and communication, we always try to understand your needs.


Are you Looking for the best ?

We are the best, the A Performers in our industry and aim to exceed that. We solve problems, we bring solutions and we tailor the perfect game plan for your business

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Meet Our Team

Meet our passionate team that full of creative and talented people. here we bring good quality of service and perfect result.

CEO / Visioner

Sergio Planells

sergio planells CEO


Indah Planells

indah business development manager


Aleks Yan Popi

aleks CTO

Lead Frontend Developer

Jung Rama

rama frontend developer

Frontend Developer


sylvester frontend developer

Backend Developer


adi backend developer

Creative Director

Zahra Choiru Nissa

zahro project leader

Graphic Designer

Talisha De Vries

talisha graphic design

Content Creator


andi grahic designer

Content Creator

Famidha N.W

andi grahic designer

SEO Specialist

Wayan Darmayasa

wayan darmayasa seo specialist

HR Manager

Nadia Salsabila

nadia hr manager